Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Attracting bluebirds

If you'd like to know more about the habits of bluebirds, build a bluebird nesting box or just look at pretty bluebird pictures, this book could be for you.

I was attracted to this book in particular because it provided detailed instructions for building nesting boxes. There are several variations - all of them easy. It's a project you could easily to do with your kids.

Happy birding!


  1. Does it work on the basis of "if you build it, they will come"? I was actually thinking of researching this. Wondering if it's possible to attract a variety of birds ... and then how to do that. I heard an unfamiliar song the other day. A bird perched in the very top of a tree and sang. But ... I don't think it will build a nest here. I've wondered what it would take to make it stay.

  2. Good question, Becky. I gather with bluebirds, it is sort of a 'if you build it...' scenario. Their normal nesting sites have gone away, so the nesting boxes really do pull them in. I can't say definitively for other birds. I do know that a good water supply matters. My husband keeps a clean water dish on the deck. I'd start with a ready water supply to keep your new bird. Also the suet he put out last year REALLY brought in clinging type birds, e.g. red-bellied woodpeckers. But also raccoons and squirrels ;)