Friday, March 18, 2011

The color of spring

Nature decides when it's really spring. She lets us know one bit of color at a time.

Today, weeping willow fronts tinge yellow as they begin to bud. Green daffodil leaves persist in pushing through the brown mulch on flower beds. Magnolia buds pulse a dusty sage green.

It will be some time - maybe weeks - before the daffodil blooms pop their yellow trumpets, before the magnolia tree is covered with pink and white teacup blossoms, before the willow tree weeps yellow pollen.

But everything will happen. When nature decides it's really spring.


  1. Nature always decides it's spring much later up here. ;) We just drove through the state to visit friends on the East Coast for spring break. It was amazing how LITTLE snow we saw even farther south in Iowa. We still have snow on the ground here. *sob*

  2. You really got socked this year, didn't you? We've had bare ground long enough that it surprises me to hear about flooding in Ft. Dodge and north. Hang on. Spring will come to you, too.