Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I geek libraries

I love the new library site that lets you share your passion and lets you see what sends others to their local libraries.

I'm thinking more about libraries because I take to the road again this week - after a summer break - to share stories from and about my memoir. I've been fortunate to have so many libraries ask me to do programs for them. As I've traveled the state, I've seen first hand what vibrant community centers our libraries are.

Libraries are under budget pressure - like everyone else - but they're a community resource that deserves our support. Libraries offer computers and Internet access when many have had to give up that luxury at home. They provide entertainment for free - books and movies you don't have to pay to enjoy. They are a community gathering place, a place for social interaction that may be just what someone who's lost their job needs. All this and more at your local library.

So what do you geek? Log on, have a little fun, share your passion, and find out how you can support your local library.


  1. I love libraries! I hear they're closing some (in PA) because of budget cuts.

  2. Living in Iowa, you are aware of our situation here in Cedar Rapids. I don't know if you saw my photos of the interior of our library in my flood post but they are sobering. Hopefully, there are better days ahead for us.

  3. Libraries are also closing in California. A librarian cousin in Ohio tells me they're fighting to stay open there. I was in CR twice in the past week. I hear you have a new library director coming in and folks are enthusiastic. But it will be a long road coming back. Hang in there!