Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunflower playhouse

I tried an experiment this spring, planting sunflowers in a circle large enough to be a playhouse for my new granddaughter. Since Hannah was just born on Christmas Day, she is too young to appreciate my efforts, but that's just as well. The playhouse did not turn out exactly as I had hoped.

For one thing, my desire was for sunflowers eight feet tall with blooms as big as dinner plates. What I actually brought home was a mixed package of seed that resulted in plants anywhere from four to seven feet high bearing flowers not much bigger than my outstretched hand.

To give the playhouse even more color, I interspersed sweet peas and morning glories amongst the sunflowers. The morning glories are coming along, climbing the sunflower stalks just as I'd intended. But, not a sweet pea to be seen.

As I waited for the flowers to germinate and grow, I came upon a piece of yard art - a sculpture of a large bird we came to call "The Roadrunner" - that found its home inside the playhouse. Though the flowers were slow in coming in our cold, wet summer, The Roadrunner was impressive, bobbing in the wind and serving as a landing spot for robins.

Now the five-foot Roadrunner is mostly hidden. The sunflowers are beginning to come on - and they are beautiful as sunflowers will be on a sunny, blue sky day - and I am not at all disappointed in my experiment. It was, after all, an experiment.

Next year, I'll choose different sunflowers and be ready to invite Hannah for tea in a playhouse she'll be old enough to enjoy.


  1. Carol,
    Real life has taken priority over my blogging life this past week. In fact, I am just now getting around to reading my mail from the last week and I saw that you had replied to my post on Networked Blogs. I didn't realize that I had neglected to post my link. I actually write two blogs; and http://becolorful.typepad/travelingdoor I just read your blog and found it delightful. I am also an Iowa girl but I really don't know much about farm life. I especially enjoyed your post about the Iowa State Fair. The best stories are the smile inducing ones about ordinary events.
    Thanks for sharing. I will subscribe.

  2. Life has a way of doing that - and then that becomes blog fodder when there's time. I'll check out your blogs, Pam. Thanks for following mine.

  3. My sunflowers were pretty for a while. Then one fell over. I don't think any of the shells has seeds in them. Ah well. I didn't really know what I was doing this year. Now I have a few ideas for next year. :)